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Mindful activities for school children in the classroom

One Mind is dedicated to promoting the power of mindfulness in the classroom, giving children the tools to navigate school and their personal world with confidence, balance, and emotional ease.

What is Mindfulness?

Sensory overload is all too real and, with the normalisation of social media, school children are being bombarded with increasing emotional distractions every minute. 

With that in mind, it's becoming increasingly important for children to slow down, take a breath and reassess their emotions and the situation in front of them. 

Mindfulness meditation is precisely that: a breathing technique that allows students to slow their thought process right down and ground themselves firmly in the present moment. 

Training the Mind

Teach your students to train their busy minds to come back to the present moment

This is their 'practice'

Help your students to identify negative

self-talk, build their confidence and believe in their own abilities

Building Confidence

Help your students to identify negative

self-talk, build their confidence and believe in their own abilities

Help your students to identify negative

self-talk, build their confidence and believe in their own abilities

Balancing Emotions

Increasing joy and gratitude in your student's lives while reducing emotional responses that can be unhelpful

Emotional Intelligence

Help students to understand the source of their emotions and accept them without judgment

Room for Creativity

Give students space for new ideas to unfold while providing an opportunity to see themselves in a positive light.

Core benefits of mindfulness meditation

Being present

Mindfulness is a simple breathing technique that helps us to connect to ourselves.


It's about taking the time to be present (rather than thinking about the past or the future) and allowing space, rather than filling every tiny moment with input or new information.

We give you the tools!

Sure it's simple - but it's not easy!

Getting kids to sit still and pay attention to their breath is tricky.

That's why we're here: to BUILD INTRIGUE about the brain and our minds! And to give you tools, resources and guidance to get through our mindfulness course and the PSHE curriculum with ease.  

Building strength

Developing awareness of ourselves and our emotions whilst, strengthening the neoplasticity of our brains by bringing our attention back to the present moment each time that we notice it drifting.

The One Mind-fulness Mission

One Mind delivers mindfulness courses either through face to face workshops in schools local to Brighton & Hove, or via our online course, available wherever you happen to teach.

Our mission is to spread a culture of mindfulness throughout primary schools across the UK - someday the globe!


We're dedicated to giving children in the classroom the opportunity to flourish and truly be:

  • self-reliant

  • able to cope with difficult situations and make decisions that positively affect their lives and the lives of others

  • the best versions of themselves!

Why mindfulness

is awesome:

Kids can practice anywhere!

We build intrigue and excitement around mindfulness, so that kids actually WANT to practice!

Once the children catch the 'mindfulness bug' they can do it anywhere, with or without video/audio. 

The format is simple and easy to follow, so once we have heard a practice a few times we can simply repeat the instructions to ourselves. 

The only tools you will ever need are you, your brain and your wonderful creative self!

It benefits YOU, too

Research has shown that mindfulness also benefits teachers - YOU! - directly:


  • improving your own emotional intelligence & connection to self

  • helping you to understand your students' perspective while

  • giving you the tools to be a more effective educator in the classroom. 


Several primary schools & educators across Brighton and Hove have positive feedback to offer about the One Mind video course. 

Here are just a few of their reviews:

Fairlight Primary and Nursery School

Shereen Avard

Nurture class teacher and Inclusion Lead

Fairlight Primary and Nursery School

"I felt compelled to say thank you because my colleague and I have been using your videos with great success.


Although I've heard of mindfulness, I had never really done it myself and I suppose I originally thought - gees, I've got to squeeze something else into the school day.


However, these videos have been clear, well-presented and manageable.


In the current climate, 'mindfulness' needs to be a priority in and beyond the classroom (more so now than ever).


It has been pleasing and hugely rewarding to see the benefits for the children (and myself!) first hand." 


Don't delay...

get started!

Try out one of our audio or video practices

Our mindfulness practices are designed for children, but we know EVERYONE can benefit! So don't be scared - it's simple.....go on....give it a go!



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