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One Mind is based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and delivers mindfulness workshops across the county. We also have a video course for primary school teachers to use daily.

Our online children's mindfulness tool couldn't have come at a more critical time; when children’s lives have been turned upside down by coronavirus. Many children will be concerned that they’ve fallen behind with their education, they may experience social anxiety having been isolated for so long and also have lingering worries about catching the virus.

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These concepts are difficult enough for adults to deal with, let alone young people, who haven’t yet developed coping strategies. The fall out of such collective trauma could manifest itself in many different ways including: fear of touch, lack of confidence, paranoia, OCD and withdrawal from socialising. 


The One Mind Video Course can be delivered in schools by teachers and help to combat the mental health crisis in children, bringing a sense of unity to schools that might feel increasingly segregated.

Get in touch today if you feel your school/your child's school would benefit from a culture of mindfulness!